An Angel Moroni once was made with wings


angel_moroniSeeing an Angel Moroni statue on top of a temple is a common sight, but has anyone ever seen one with wings? No.

The closest he ever got to having wings was the version that was on top of the Nauvoo temple. The Nauvoo temple had a weather vane with a flying (but wingless) angel on it holding a book and a trumpet.

Once the Salt Lake temple was finished, weather vanes were no longer in fashion and it was decided that a statue would be placed on top of the temple. A non-member named Cyrus Dallin was commissioned by President Wilford Woodruff to design the statue.

It wasn’t until after the 1930’s that more temples began to have Angel Moroni statues on them.

For a good history of the Angel Moroni statue, visit the LDS Church News article here.

Angel Moroni had wings

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