Missionaries in Chile prepare for earthquake weeks before major quake occurs


santiago-chile-temple_1298156_inlAn email from Sister Lisa Laycock, wife of Chile Santiago East Mission President Larry Laycock, and confirmed by the “Church News” – ldschurchnews.com, gives more detail on how and why missionaries were so well prepared for the major earthquake that hit Chile on Feb. 27, 2010.

According to the email, Sister Laycock was awakened nearly two and a half weeks before the earthquake at 4 am with a clear prompting. She did not hear a voice, but the thought that came to her was as clear as had it been spoken to her – ‘there is going to be an earthquake. Prepare your missionaries.’

They immediately set to work organizing the missionaries to prepare for an earthquake. In talking with the other missionaries, they found out that two other office missionaries had had dreams that the mission should prepare for an earthquake.

All mission apartments were visited and reviewed for security and preparedness for an earthquake making sure everyone had an emergency kit ready. The mission’s emergency plan was also reviewed with each missionary and written instructions were left in each apartment.

Eventually, when the earthquake hit, the missionaries were prepared and did not experience the panic that many felt. No missionaries were hurt or killed during the natural disaster.

Click here to read Sister Laycock’s email.

Chile mission warned on earthquake

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