Larry H. Miller consulted church leaders about buying the Jazz


drivenWe all know that the late Larry H. Miller purchased the NBA basketball team, the Utah Jazz, and kept them in Utah, but did he seek church leaders’ council on this before he did it? According to the autobiographical book, “Driven”, he did.

Larry H. Miller became a co-owner o the Utah Jazz when he purchased a half interest in the team on April 11, 1985 for $8 million. Just over a year later, in order to prevent the sale and subsequent move of the Jazz to Minnesota, he bought the other remaining half interest on

Larry H. Miller with LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley during the BYU Management Society's annual banquet where Miller was honored as the 2003 Distinguished Utahn Award at the LDS Church offices Thursday May 22, 2003. Photo by Chuck Wing/Deseret News (Submission date: 05/22/2003)

June 16, 1986 for $14 million.

According to the book “Driven”, Miller went to ask church leader Gordon B. Hinckley (then a member of the Twelve Apostles) whether or not he should purchase the Jazz and keep them in the state of Utah. Miller claims that Hinckley told him that the Jazz being in Utah would be good PR for the state of Utah and therefore, good PR for the Church (which is headquartered in Utah). Miller claims his visit with Hinckley helped him make up his mind to purchase the Utah Jazz and keep them in Utah.

Church told Larry Miller to buy Jazz

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