Dirty temple clothes miraculously become clean

Hard to prove

black-temple-bagIt seems like people are always saying that miracles seemed to happen all the time during scripture time (seas parting, water to wine, blind seeing), but that they rarely happen today. Well, could the following story be a “today miracle” or is it just another Mormon legend.

The story is that a couple has decided to attend the temple and have their temple clothes in a carrying case. As they walk to the temple, the bags suddenly open, spilling all their white clothes into a muddy puddle. After throwing the clothes back into the bag, they continue on to the temple. Once getting to the temple, they open up the bags to miraculously discover that the clothes were perfectly clean.

I was unable to find any verification for this story. As far as I know, it has not appeared in print and is only told from one member to the next. Knowing that temples provide clothes that can easily be rented, why would this miracle even need to happen is the first question that must be asked. Personally, I think this is a legend, but would love any proof sent my way.

Dirty LDS temple clothes miraculously clean

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