Elvis read the Book of Mormon and was to be baptized

Somewhat true

Grant A. Anderson, church history specialist in the LDS Archives, has confirmed that the archives do have a Book of Mormon reputed to be Elvis Presley’s. It is a 1976 edition and includes several handwritten notes by “The King” himself. Some notes include: “My daughter Lisa is 9. She needs this Church. Please help her.”, “Faith…I want more! I need more now. Help me!”, “I could never deny that which I know in my heart to be true.”, and “Gold Records…Real ones!”

Whether the book actually was owned by Elvis or is a forgery has not been determined. “All we know is what has been told us,” Anderson said. He said that the book’s history of transfer looks consistent and logical, but the church has conducted no handwriting tests on it.

So how did the book end up in the LDS archives? It was donated by Alan Osmond. The history of the book is this – a sister missionary named Cricket Butler gave Elvis the Book of Mormon. Two days after his death, Elvis’ father gave the book back to her. She then gave the book to Alan Osmond, telling him that Elvis always talked about the Osmonds and she thought they should have the book. To protect Elvis’ privacy and to preserve the sacredness of the book, the Osmonds donated the book to the LDS church. They had one copy made, which Alan and Donny gave to Lisa Marie.

Butler also claims that Elvis was to be baptized, but this statement it still unconfirmed.

There may be other Elvis Books of Mormon out there. Elvis apparently received another copy from the late Ed Parker, who was his karate instructor, bodyguard, and church member.

Elvis Presley read the Book of Mormon

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  • October 18, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    I think there is evidence that Elvis received a Book of Mormon, but that this copy is probably a forgery, because it has more than one set of handwriting in there. Elvis did read scriptures regularly, so it is not impossible he read at least some of it. I doubt this copy is authentic though.


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