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  Battlestar Galactica


  Church own Coca-Cola or Budweiser stock


  Sting sang Book of Mormon Stories


  Hulk plays Mormon ball


  Yoda was modeled after Pres. Kimball


  Elvis read the Book of Mormon


  Hearse at Disneyland carried Brigham Young


  Mick Jagger talks with general authority


  U2 and Mormonism


  Paul Allen defends Mormons to paper


  South Park and Mormonism


   Utah and porn


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Band members of the "Imagine Dragons" are Mormons




Imagine Dragons MormonsImagine Dragons are an American indie rock band based in Las Vegas. They have had hits with both "It's Time" and "Radioactive" and have performed on all the major late night talk shows. "It's Time" was also nominated for a 2012 MTV Video Music Award for "Best Rock Video". Billboard Magazine called the band "one of 2012's brightest new stars."


Imagine Dragons was formed in 2008 and got its real first start when the band won BYU's 2008 "Battle of the Bands" competetion. That same year, the band also won the "Utah Valley University's Got Talent" competetion. The pop-rock quintet includes three former BYU students and an American Fork, Utah native.


Band members D Wayne Sermon (guitar) and Dan Reynolds (vocals) are both current members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They both said in a Deseret News article that it hasn't been difficult to be Mormon and in the rock music industry. The band avoids using profanity in their music and shows.