Eric Weddle was baptized while playing for Utah?


eric-weddle-mormonEric Weddle, safety for the Baltimore Ravens, grew up in Alta Loma, California. He went to Alta Loma High School and was first introduced to the LDS Church by a girl he dated his junior year. Weddle said he was very impressed with her and her family. She was a year older than him and when she left for college the next year, they broke things off.

The next major exposure Weddle had to a member was when coach Kyle Whittingham came to his house to recruit him. Both Eric and his parents were very impressed with coach Whit and this influenced his decision to attend Utah.

During Weddle’s first year with Utah he felt like he didn’t have any direction in his life, but he was intrigued by players like Morgan Scalley who had such a positive attitude and seemed to have direction.

Teammate Spence Toone invited Weddle over to his house for dinner and also had the LDS missionaries join them. Eric listened to their message and later prayed about it. To Toone’s surprise, Weddle called him and said he wanted to join the Church. He was baptized about five months later on June 24, 2004.

After joining the Church, Weddle reunited with his high school girlfriend and they were married in the San Diego LDS Temple on July 22, 2005.

While attending the University of Utah, Weddle would often participate with Kyle Whittingham and other players in LDS firesides and relate his conversion story.

“When I was taking the discussions, I never really remembered what was being taught,” Weddle recalled, “but I remembered the feeling I felt while they were teaching me. It was a calm, reassuring feeling that what they were saying was the truth.

“One of things I really loved about the Church,” said Weddle, “was the fact that families can be together forever. It really hit me that one day, when I have a family, no matter what happens, as long as we keep our covenants and stay true to the gospel, we can be together forever.” Quote from Meridian Magazine article

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Eric Weddle

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  • October 26, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    Why the venom? It works for him, something else works for you. I’m happy for both of you! Probably best to focus on what brings inner peace to you, and be happy for others that find peace as well even if it’s different. Just my 2 cents…

  • November 25, 2018 at 4:29 am

    Just because you like the idea of something, like teaching that families will be together forever if they do this and that(Christianity teaches that by grace, not works, we each get to heaven if we accept) does not mean you should accept it is part of your religion when it clearly contradicts other things in your claimed doctrine(The Bible). Why not just make up your own perfection-religion if what you think sounds nice is all that matters rather than what is true? I’ve heard that b.s. from a few converts here in Utah- “what I like about the Mormon religion is that they teach *this thing* that sounds nice” …oh yeah well what if I tell you it rains candy in my religion? Youll add that part to yours right, because it sounds nice? Nevermind that you KNOW I made it up smh they’re such ignorant people


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