Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

No, but it is run by an active member. Please do not adopt anything on this site as doctrine or as coming from the leaders of the Church. For more information on the Mormon religion, please visit

Are you 100% sure you have all of these Mormon legends correct?

Of course not. While we do research and try to verify each legend as being either true or false, we are dealing with rumors and legends and it would be impossible to get every one right. If you have proof that we have something wrong, please go to the Submit Myth page and let us know (and provide the proof)

When did you get the idea for this site?

I became interested in Mormon urban legends while serving an LDS mission in Vienna, Austria. At the time I thought about compiling them all into a book. The website idea came after visiting

Are you trying to make members doubt their faith?

Absolutely not! This site is for fun only and is not meant to offend or convince anyone of anything. If you do not want to believe the classification of any legend on the site, please feel free to do so. I am not trying to change your mind. I only want people to have fun and maybe convince a few people to think twice before retelling a myth in a sacrament talk.

Do you accept Mormon legends from people or ideas on rumors that should be posted?

Yes we do. You can submit them here

Do you have a Facebook fan page?

Yes we do. You can really help this site out by becoming a fan. Search “” to find it or Follow on Facebook

Can I follow on Twitter?

Yes. You can find us on Twitter and receive fetchin’ tweets when legends are added – Follow on Twitter

Why do you have advertisements on your site?

The advertisements help pay for the cost of the domain and server space. They are generated from Google Adwords. I do not personally approve each ad that appears, but when I find ads that I don’t feel are proper for the site, I block them.