A football player turned down a multi-million dollar contract because he wouldn’t play on Sunday


In 1995, BYU football standout Eli Herring made it clear to NFL teams that they shouldn’t draft him because he did not want to play football on Sunday’s. The reason – Sunday is the Lord’s day.

Herring would have been one of the top picks that year, but most teams respected his decision and didn’t draft him. Then the Oakland Raiders decided to use their 6th round pick on him in hopes that they could change his mind. They couldn’t. After a few months, the Raiders and all other teams left him alone and he hasn’t heard from the pros since.

Herring is now a math teacher at Mountain View High School in Orem, UT. He and his wife of eight years have four children. His church calling keeps him busy, as do his familial responsibilities.

Unable to get football completely out of his blood, Herring now coaches the offensive line at Mountain View.

Without hesitation, he says he does not regret his decision to forego professional football.

Football player won’t play on Sunday

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