Jaredite barge found in Lake Michigan


jaredite-boatThe Chicago Tribune reported on January 25, 1999 about a mysterious object found on the bottom of Lake Michigan. The article stated thatIf one set out with the preposterous goal of making an oak zeppelin 31 feet long, 10 feet in diameter, pointed at its ends, complete with an 18-inch hatch to crawl inside, this is pretty much what they’d get. Those who have strapped on air tanks and visited the thing say the craftsmanship used to build it is remarkable–four-inch-thick oak boards bent and fitted together and caulked watertight, like nothing built today”. Of course, LDS faithful knew exactly what it was – a Jaredite barge. Soon rumors began circulating the Internet about how there was proof of the Book of Mormon found.

Then some members began to wonder how a wooden object could survive more than 3000 years and how it could end up at the bottom of Lake Michigan. A few days later, the Chicago Tribune reported that the mystery object had been identified as a floating fuel tank built in the 1940’s

Jaredite boat found in Lake Michigan

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