Is Katherine Heigl a Mormon?

True / she was born into an LDS family but no longer attends church


I’m not a “Grey’s Anatomy” fan, but I did like Katherine Heigl as the hot alien sister in the teen TV-show “Roswell”. And yes, she was born into a Mormon family. Katherine was born in Washington D.C. on November 24, 1978, the youngest of five children. As her family moved several times, they continued to be active in the Church. An exact date as to when she stopped being active is not known, but she is not active today. Yet, she does claim that her values come from her parents and the church she grew up in. Like a good Molly Mormon, Katherine didn’t date until she was 16.

“Part of it was the rules of the religion I was in, and the other part was my parents enforcing those rules,” she says. “I really trusted my parents and believed they wanted what was best for me. I didn’t always agree with everything they said, but I’d always defer to them.”

“I haven’t been an actively practicing Mormon in years,” she admits. “I still have a fondness for the Mormon religion and theology. A lot of my friends are Mormon.”

Once, on an episode of “Conan”, she retold a story from her youth about fasting for big boobs.

Katherine Heigl

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