Missionaries called to serve in mainland China mission


missioncallletterpointingfingerThere are a variety of stories about young men receiving mission calls with mysterious phone numbers to call. When they call this number, they talk directly to a member of the First Presidency and are asked if they would be willing to serve a three year mission in mainland China.

There have been service and welfare missionaries who have served in China, but there have never been any “special secret calls” to the country.

UPDATED (November, 2012): The newest rumor is that soon-to-be-missionaries are receiving calls saying something like “you are called to serve in the Taiwan mission until China is opened…”.

Just like with all mission-calls-to-China stories, an original source for this can never be found. The story’s source is usually my friend told me that his cousin’s friend said, etc.

If a new mission opens up, the Church would be sure to publicize the news long before mission calls were ever sent. It would be published in the Church News and, if it were big news like China opening, it would make it in local and national newspapers.

And for those of you that know this rumor to be true because your friend’s cousin is a reliable source, please provide proof like a photo of the actual mission call before submitting to this website to tell us that we are wrong.

UPDATED (January, 2013): Elder Russell M. Nelson gave a talk at the Provo, Utah MTC on Dec. 31, 2012 urging missionaries to stop spreading the rumor of secret mission calls to closed places likce China.

“Such rumors are absolutely false. Refute them!” Elder Nelson said. “Leaders of this Church enter countries new to the Church through the front door. We do not go in through the back door or via the alley. Our relationships are based on honesty, openness, integrity, and complete compliance with local law.”

LDS mission call to China

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