Senior missionaries find long lost son in prision

Hard to prove

LDS missionary in prison mythThis is a legend that has been going around lately. The story goes like this – a mother and father have a son that has been missing for years (no reason is given as to why the parents have not been searching for him). Then the senior missionaries decide they want to serve a mission. They receive a call to Russia (sometimes the country is different). They do not want to go to Russia so they turn the mission down. Years pass and they once again put in papers to serve a mission and get a call to the very same mission in Russia. This time they figure that there must be a reason that they are suppose to go to Russia and accept the call. During the mission they are helping out in a Russian prison and are surpised when one of the prisoners can speak perfect english. THey are even more surprised to hear the prisoner say, “Mom? Dad?” It is, of course, their long lost son. He has been stuck in a Russian prison for years. The parents are some how able to get the son released from prison. Then the parents realize that they should have accepted the original mission call because they would have found their son sooner.

This story has many great faith-promoting ideas (don’t turn callings down, missionaries are blessed, etc) but has yet to be confirmed. There are also several holes in the story – why did this story not get media attention, why was son in prison, how did parents easily get him out, why didn’t parents look for son themselves. This is a Mormon legend.

Senior missionaries find long lost son

2 thoughts on “Senior missionaries find long lost son

  • August 27, 2017 at 9:30 pm

    The senior missionary couple who found their son in a Siberian prison recounted their experience to the senior couples they were training in the Provo MTC. One of the couples being trained was in my stake and retold this story as a second-hand account.

  • July 28, 2017 at 4:39 am

    If this was true it would have been a front page story in Utah.


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