The Lost Ten Tribes are living on a star


deep-space-star-clusterThis is a pretty easy one to label “undetermined” because if it could be labeled “true”, they wouldn’t be lost now, would they?

The fast is, the Ten Tribes are lost and we don’t know for sure where they are. That doesn’t keep people from coming up with theories and one of the most mentioned theory is that the lost tribes are on a star – the North Star to be specific.

There are two main sources used to back up this theory. The first is the lyrics of a hymn written by Eliza R. Snow. The hymn appears as no. 322 of the 1905 hymn book, 5th verse.

“And when the Lord saw fit to hide The ten lost tribes away, Thou, earth, was severed to provide The orb on which they stay.”

The second source comes from when an early patriarch, Homer M. Brown, was asked about the Eliza R. Snow hymn. His answer includes a second-hand account that claims that the Prophet Joseph Smith supported the star theory. The direct quote below was taken from Robert W. Smith, The Last Days, Salt Lake City, Utah: Pyramid Press, 1947, p. 215.

“Brother Brown, will you give us some light and explanation of the 5th verse on page 386 of the Hymn book which formed another planet (sic), according to ‘the Hymn of Eliza R. Snow.

“Yes, sir, I think I can answer your question. Sister Eliza R. Snow, in visiting my grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Brown), was asked by my grandmother: ‘Eliza where did you get your ideas about the Ten Lost Tribes being taken away as you explain in your wonderful hymn?

“She answered as follows: ‘why, my husband (The Prophet Joseph Smith) told me about it.’

“Have you any other information that your grandfather ever gave you, as contained in any conversation with the Prophet Joseph Smith?

“I have! One evening in Nauvoo, just after dark, somebody rapped at the door vigorously. Grandfather said he was reading the Doctrine and Covenants. He rose hurriedly and answered the summons at the door, where he met the Prophet Joseph Smith.

“He said, ‘Brother Brown, can you keep me over night, the mobs are after me?’ Grandfather answered, ‘Yes. Sir. It will not be the first time, come in.’

“‘Al1 right,’ the Prophet said, shutting the door quickly. He came in and sat down. Grandmother said: ‘Brother Joseph, have you had your supper?’

“‘No he answered, ‘I have not.’ So she prepared him a meal, and he ate it.

Afterward they were in conversation relative to the principles of the Gospel. During the conversation the ten lost tribes were mentioned. Grandfather said, ‘Joseph, where are the ten tribes?’ He said, “Come to the door and I will show you, come on Sister Brown, I want you both to see.’

“It being a starlight night the Prophet said: “Brother Brown, you show me the Polar Star?'” ‘Yes sir,’ he said, pointing to the North Star. ‘There it is.’ ‘Yes, I know’ said the Prophet, ‘but which one? There are a lot of stars there.’

“Grandfather said: ‘Can you see the points of the Dipper?’ The Prophet answered, ‘Yes,’ ‘Well,” he said, “trace the pointers, pointing up to the largest star. That is the North Star.’

“The Prophet answered: ‘You are correct. Now,’ he said, pointing toward the star, ‘do you discern a little twinkler to the right and below the Polar star, which we would judge to be about the distance of 20′ from here?’

“Grandfather answered, ‘Yes, sir.’

“The Prophet said: ‘Sister Brown, do you see that star also?’

“Her answer was, ‘Yes, sir.’

“‘Very well then,’ he said, ‘Let’s go in.’ After re-entering the house the Prophet said: ‘Brother Brown, I noticed when I came in that you were reading the Doctrine and Covenants. Will you kindly get it?’

“He did so. The Prophet turned to Section 133 and read, commencing at the 26th verse and through the 34th verse. He said, after reading the 31st verse, ‘Now let me ask you what would cause the Everlasting Hills to tremble with more violence than the coming together of two planets. And the place whereon they reside will return to this earth. Now,’ he said, ‘Scientists will tell you that it is not scientific: that two planets corning together would be disastrous to both; but, when two planets or other objects are traveling in the same direction and one of them with a little greater velocity than the other, it would not be disastrous, because the one traveling faster would overtake the other. Now, that would cause the mountains of ice to melt quicker than the heat caused by the friction of the two planets coming together?’ And then he asked the question. ‘Did you ever see a meteor falling that was not red hot? So that would cause the mountains of ice to melt.’

“‘And relative to the Great Highway ,which should be cast up when the planet returns to its place in the great Northern Waters, it will form a highway and waters will recede and roll back.’ He continued, ‘Now as to their coming back from the Northern Waters; they will return from the north because their planet will return to the place from whence it was taken.’

“Relative to the waters rolling back to the north. If you take a vessel of water and swing it rapidly around your head you won’t spill any, but if you stop the motion gradually, it will begin to pour out. Now,’ he said, ‘Brother Brown, at the present time this earth is rotating very rapidly. When this planet returns it will make the earth that much heavier, and it will then revolve slower, and that will account for the waters receding from the earth for a great while, but it has now turned and is proceeding rapidly eastward.'”

Other theories on where the Lost Ten Tribes are include living at the North Pole, living in a concave or hollow section of Earth, on a section of Earth that has separated and is now its own planet, or just living unbeknownst to us in countries that are to the north.

The Lost Ten Tribes live on a star

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