Missionaries will be called home for WWIII


missionaryThe Patriarchal blessing is the perfect breeding ground for Mormon urban legends. One of the classic stories claim that a friend of a friend’s roommate at BYU received a blessing stating that he would be called home from his mission to fight in World War III or that he won’t serve a mission because of some global conflict.

There has never been reliable documented evidence to back up this claim. These stories have also been around for years.

Missionaries called home for WWIII

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  • May 21, 2017 at 11:23 am

    President Brigham Young:
    Do you think there is calamity abroad now among the people? Not much. All we have yet heard and all we have experienced is scarcely a preface to the sermon that is going to be preached. When the testimony of the Elders ceases to be given, and the Lord says to them, “Come home; I will now preach my own sermons to the nations of the earth,” all you now know can scarcely be called a preface to the sermon that will be preached with fire and sword, tempests, earthquakes, hail, rain, thunders and lightnings, and fearful destruction. What matters the destruction of a few railway cars? You will hear of magnificent cities, now idolized by the people, sinking in the earth, entombing the inhabitants. The sea will heave itself beyond its bounds, engulfing mighty cities. Famine will spread over the nations, and nation will rise up against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and states against states, in our own country and in foreign lands. (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 8, p. 123, July 15, 1860)

    Elder Orson Pratt:
    When God has called out the righteous, when the warning voice has been sufficiently proclaimed among tile Gentile nations, and the Lord says, “It is enough,” he will also say to his servants—”O, ye, my servants, come home, come out from the midst of these Gentile nations, where you have labored and borne testimony for so long a period; come out from among them, for they are not worthy; they do not receive the message that I have sent forth, they do not repent of their sins, come out from their midst, their times are fulfilled. Seal up the testimony among them and bind up the law.” (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 18, p. 64, July 25, 1875)

    Elder Heber C. Kimball:
    The judgments of God will be poured out upon the wicked to the extent that our elders from far and near will be called home. Or, in other words, the gospel will be taken from the Gentiles and later on will be carried to the Jews. (Deseret News, Church Department, May 23, 1931, p. 3)


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