LDS missionary survived fall from cliff in Australia?


missionaryOn June 23, 2004, Elder Matthew Weirich was hiking with three other LDS missionaries in Morton National Park in Australia when he slipped and fell off a 230-foot cliff. The amazing part is he survived the plunge that is equivalent to falling from the top of a 23-story building.

The fall occurred just before evening and it was dark before rescue helicopters could find Elder Weirich. It wasn’t until dawn the next morning that a rescue squad was able to make it down to him. They found him alive, but only semiconscious. He was taken to the hospital where they discovered that he only had some swelling in his brain and a broken nose. He made a full recovery.

“It is a miracle,” New South Wales police spokesman Norris Smith told the Deseret News. “And if he is a missionary like some people are saying, then I guess the boss was looking after him.”

Missionary survives fall from Australian cliff

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