Mob members that killed Joseph Smith suffered awful deaths


mobThis legend claims that each mob member that participated in the killing of Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith ended up suffering either awful lives or horrible deaths. It is not true.

Dallin H. Oaks even referenced this urban legend in the book he co-wrote with Marvin S. Hill, “The Carthage Conspiracy.” Below is a quote from the book:

A persistent Utah myth holds that some of the murderers of Joseph and Hyrum Smith met fittingly gruesome deaths – that Providence intervened to dispense the justice denied in the Carthage trial. But the five defendants who went to trial, including men who had been shown to be leaders in the murder plot and others associated with them, enjoyed notably successful careers. – Oaks, Dallin H. and Hill, Marvin S., The Carthage Conspiracy. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1979., 217.

Mob members all died awful deaths

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