Painting shows true appearance of Savior


savior_paintingWe have all seen the painting of the Savior by LDS artist Del Parson. It is the one where Jesus is wearing a red robe and most people have hanging in their homes. Well, according to several stories, this is the most accurate painting of Christ ever made. The story claims that the Church commissioned Parson to make the painting and kept returning early drafts with suggestions on how to make it more accurate. When the final version was done, it was declared by Church leaders to be the most accurate to the appearance of Christ. Sometimes the story even goes so far as to have a little girl recognize the figure as someone who held her during some traumatic event in her life.

The problem is, Del Parson had come out and denied this story. He was indeed commissioned by the Church and there were several versions, but he was never told about the accuracy of his painting. And there is no record of a little girl recognizing the figure from the painting.

Since posting this legend, many people have submitted to this site that the actual “true appearance” painting is located in the LA Temple. The included stories and claims have not yet been verified.

Painting shows true appearance of Jesus

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