A photo of Joseph Smith was recently found and authenticated

False – It has not been authenticated

js_photoA photo that purports to be the only known camera image of Joseph Smith has been circulating the Internet and email inboxes lately. The picture was discovered in 1994 in the archives of the Community of Christ church in Independence, Mo. Some emails circulating with the photo claim it’s been authenticated by the LDS Church. This is not true. Although many believe the photo to be Joseph Smith, the photo has not been authenticated by either church.

Here is the official statement from the LDS Church:

A purported image of Joseph Smith is circulating widely on the Internet. Some persons have mistakenly claimed that this image belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that Church officials have verified or are verifying its authenticity. These claims are not true.

This image, taken from a daguerreotype, belongs to the Community of Christ. On the basis of available evidence it is not possible to confirm that the image is in fact, of Joseph Smith. The Church does not have or own this photograph or any image of Joseph Smith other than several early artists’ portrayals of him and some early photographs of those artists’ portrayals. The Church does have the death mask of Joseph Smith.

Photo of Joseph Smith found

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