Family Feud host Ray Combs was a Mormon and committed suicide?

True / on both accounts

ray_combsRay Combs was the host of “The Family Feud”. He also owned several comedy clubs. He was also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After losing his job as the host of the game show, he made several bad decisions and ended up bankrupt and lost all of his comedy clubs. In 1996, he committed suicide by hanging himself. He left no note. When he was buried, there was no money left in his estate to even buy a gravestone. Ray’s family paid for the funeral and his sister, Connie Combs-Riggs, donated the actual grave. A group of his comedian friends paid for his marker in the cemetery. Johnny Carson gave his wife $25,000 to help with living expenses. She remarried a very short time after his death.

Ray Combs

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