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Did scientist recently discover gold plates hidden in the Hill Cumorah -
Added April 30, 2015


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Added August 4, 2014


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Added April 14, 2014


Is skeleton racer and silver medalist Noelle Pikus-Pace Mormon -
Added February 14, 2014


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Added January 23, 2014


Was Walt Disney or his wife Mormon -
Added January 20, 2014


Is singer Amy Grant a Mormon -
Added January 9, 2014


Is singer Jewel a Mormon -
Added January 2, 2014






After an actor went astray did the Church edit him out of temple film -
Added August 15, 2013


Is World War Z star Mireille Enos a Mormon -
Added June 25, 2013


Did the Broadway muscial "The Book of Mormon" convert a cast member -
Added June 10, 2013


Are band members of indie rock group Imagine Dragons Mormons -
Added April 5, 2013



Was a font secretly found in St. Paul's Basilica used for baptisms for the dead -
Added March 21, 2013


Did Larry H. Miller ask the Church for advice about buying the Utah Jazz -
Added January 11, 2013