Did Elder Bednar claim that the Mitt Romney nomination would lead to greater persecution?


mitt-romneyThe email below (or something very similar to it) made the¬†rounds in members’ inboxes just before the 2012 election:

“Elder Bednar, of the Quorum of the 12, was here to a Singles Conference this past week. He told them that if Mitt Romney wins the Republican Nomination that the Church would see persecution that we have never seen before in our life time. He said that even the Sacred Temple Covenants would be made known to the world, and that our testimonies would be tested. Then, again at our Book of Mormon class last evening the instructor repeated the same thing. He said that the MESSAGE TO US IS TO BE PREPARED FOR THIS, AND JUST KEEP OUR EYES ON THE PROPHET. AND FOR US TO STAND FIRM IN OUR TESTIMONIES, AND NOT BE SHAKEN BY WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND US, OR WHAT WOULD BE REQUIRED OF US.

If this does happen, it will be in fulfillment of the scriptures, so we knew it would be coming sometime. PLEASE SEE THAT THE YOUNG FOLKS OF OUR FAMILIES ARE SPIRITUALLY AND MENTALLY PREPARED FOR THIS, SO IF, AND WHEN IT COMES WE CAN ALL STAND FIRM!”

This email was false. A bulletin from the Church Education System issued on April 9, 2012 stated:

The following statements are being attributed to Elder David A. Bednar about what he purportedly said would happen if Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination:

– That persecution to the Church would increase and be more intense than any yet experienced in our lifetime.

– That sacred elements of the Church would be disparaged.

– That our testimonies would be tested.

These statements are distorted and inaccurate and should not be used, repeated, or passed on to others. Kindly inform those who use them or send them to you that they are spurious.

View the CES bulletin here.

Romney nomination causes persecution

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