Roseanne Barr was once a practicing Mormon?


roseanne-barr-mormonRoseanne Barr, who often goes just by her first name “Roseanne”, is a popular TV star and comedian. She is probably best known as the creator and star of the TV sitcom “Roseanne,” which ran from 1988 to 1997.

She was born to a Jewish family in Salt Lake City, Utah. From the age of 6 until she was 16 years old she was also active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but she never mentions being baptized.

She describes a little bit about her Mormon upbringing in her autobiography, “Roseanne: My Life as a Woman” (Pg. 51-53). In the book she explains how when she was young she fell and her face was frozen, as if she had had a stroke. When it did not return to normal the next day, her mother called the rabbi, who said a prayer and nothing happened. The following day, her mother called the Mormons, who came over and gave her a blessing. The next day her face was better.

Roseanne’s mom took that as a sign that the LDS church was true and began attending services. Roseanne attended church and activities and was president of her Young Women’s class.

She claims that she was active until age 16 when she read in a medical journal about what had caused her face to freeze – Bell’s Palsy. The information in the journal stated that Bell’s Palsy was a temporary paralysis, usually lasting only 48 hours. Doubting the miracle she had experienced 10 years previously, she claims that she went and drank a beer and smoked two cigarettes that same day.

The near instant rebellion ending to this story is how Roseanne describes it in her autobiography. Her sister has also written an autobiography and describes the change from committed Latter-day Saint to rebellious teenager as having taken more time. Also omitted from this account is the effect that the sexual abuse Roseanne later described at the hands of her non-LDS father had on becoming involved with drugs and promiscuity.

Roseanne Barr

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