Steve Young never served a mission?


steve_youngSteve Young, super bowl champion and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, never served a mission. His great-great-grandfather may be Brigham Young himself, but the BYU and 49er quarterback never served a mission. Steve Young explained in the autobiographical book he wrote, QB: My Life Behind the Spiral, that the reason he did not serve a mission was because he suffered from a severe case of separation anxiety. He was set to go but then felt so much anxiety that he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it. He went to speak to his bishop at the time who told him that he had felt an impression that Steve was going to come and tell him that he wanted to return to BYU instead of serving a mission. He said he was also impressed that returning to BYU was the right decision. At the time Steve Young was the eighth-string quarterback so not serving a mission had little to do with NFL plans. Steve Young went on to have an extremely successful college and pro career and is now a TV analyst for ESPN. He also appeared in a famous episode of 60 Minutes about Mormonism and is, perhaps, the most famous Mormon athlete of all time. 

Steve Young never served a mission

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