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  Da Vinci uses same model in painting


  Youth were Generals


  Painting shows true appearance of Christ


  Book of Mormon translator converted


  Temple on fire


  Church spared by OK tornado damage


  Pilot unable to bomb Hawaii temple


  Down Syndrome Patriarchal blessings


   Einstein said Talmage is smartest


  Angel Moroni statue had wings


  Brigham Young destroys temple tower after death


  Elevators in the Salt Lake Temple inspired


  Members broke china for Kirtland Temple


  Kill yourself to get to Telestial Kingdom


  Mob members suffered awful deaths


  Woodruff moves carriage and mules just before tornado


  John Taylor's watch saved his life


  Founding Fathers wanted temple work


  No members died on the Titanic


  Young transforms into Joseph Smith


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Tower of temple that Brigham Young didn't like destroyed by lightning after his death




St. George TempleThe St. George Temple was dedicated on April 6, 1877 and was the first temple completed by the Church after the exodus from Nauvoo. Upon completing the temple, Brigham Young was not completely satisfied with the tower and dome, thinking that it was too squatty. He wanted it fixed, but the Saints were so happy to have an operating temple, that he did not push the suggestion.


About a year after the dedication (and after Brigham Young’s death), on October 16, 1878, a large storm rolled through and a lightning bolt struck the tower, starting it on fire. The damage was severe enough that the tower had to be rebuilt. Members, knowing how Brigham Young wanted the tower to look, built it taller.



Whether the lightning strike was just coincidence or if Brigham Young really wanted a new tower will remain a mystery. But either way, Brigham Young got his way.




















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