Wilford Woodruff told to move carriage and mules minutes before tornado


wilford-woodruffThe following story is paraphrased from Woodruff, Wilford. Leaves from my Journal. Salt Lake City, 2nd ed., 1882 (pg 339):

“Get up and move your carriage!” In the middle of the night these words beat upon the eardrums of Wilford Woodruff. Wilford knew that tone from a lifetime of experience. It was the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.

He awakened his wife. “I must get up and move the carriage!”

“What for?”

“I don’t know, only the Spirit has told me to do so.”

Wilford strode into the Indiana night. He harnessed his mules, brought them back to the wagon where his wife and children were sleeping, hooked them up, and dragged his wagon from its location in the barnyard to a spot near the house. Then he went back to bed.

The still small voice came back: “Go and move your mules away from that oak tree!” Obediently, Wilford dressed and took his mules and tied them a safe distance from the tree. Less than thirty minutes later a tornado struck the oak tree where the mules had been tied, uprooted it, carried it a hundred yards through the air, and laid it in the barnyard at the exact spot where Wilford’s wagon had stood.

Woodruff told to move carriage before tornado

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